Wedding Sax and Dj Player

Choosing the music you want to have played at your wedding reception, is of vital importance. Keep in mind that you need
to provide the right musical backdrop to the most special part of the day.
Thus, many things have to be taken into account:

The bride and the groom music tastes.
The general music tastes of the wedding guests.

Live music during the ceremony
Live music during the aperitif
The wedding party’s reception entrance
The newlyweds’ reception entrance
Cake cutting
First dance
Parents dance
Bouquet toss
While dinner is being served
The final dance

If you want to entrust only one musician for your special day, the best solution is to look for a saxophone player and Dj.




for contacts:
Pepito Ros email

With Dj Luca Fregonese and Andrea Moretto

Luxury Wedding with Larry Band

During this Summer I went through many weddings, but I particularly remember the one from Vincent and Aileen, a really handsome couple who was deeply fond of my playing as a Saxophone Player and Dj.

Playing simultaneously as a Dj and Saxophone Player is genuinely challenging, but it’s always worth it in the end.

You have to follow your party into a continuous crescendo and in the meanwhile, you have to foresee when it’s your time to get on track with your saxophone and when it’s time to get back to your console as a Dj to play the next hit.

All this was so amazing and exciting!

With Vincent and Aileen
Isola Del Garda with Vincent and Aileen